Huawei Honor 7: Bigger Screen & Better camera

Since Huawei has joined hands with Google for the Nexus series it is no longer looked up as a mid-range Chinese smartphone with moderate features. Huawei with some of its recent releases like Nexus 6P and Mate S has shifted gears to compete on the next level up. Well, we can only wait to see if Huawei can impress the consumers in premium segment.

In this review, we are looking at the recently launched Huawei Honor 7, the latest to join the Honor line-up. The following slide provides a quick over view of the device, including specifications and price etc. The device stands out for its premium look, but also have top end specifications.

Huawei-Honor-7 Slide TechnoSpells

Looking at the slide we can clearly see that Honor 7 packs a powerful processor, bigger battery and massive memory. Particularly, we note that the camera and display quality of Honor 7 is among the best. Also, Huawei decided to move up to 5.2 inches this time from a 5 inch display. In addition, there is a really interesting ‘smart key’ that can be customized by the user to operate different commands.

Huawei’s own skin Emotion UI has some really interesting features like tap to play, knuckle for screen shot and draw to crop. Therefore, if the choice is good looking metallic body with good camera and display features this device is a good option. Nevertheless, the specification war and the tough competition in this price segment would not make it easier for Honor 7.